Becoming AN Global franchisee is an exciting opportunity for anyone who’s looking to go into business. Multiple revenue streams are important in any franchise. When these streams are created, franchisees have the ability to reach the same loyal customer more often and with more touch points.   
The franchisee’s benefits listed below are the ways to get multiple revenue streams.

No Territory Restrictions

Our philosophy to empower our franchisees fully to achieve their true entrepreneur potential without being limited by “physical territory restrictions” for marketing & advertising their services. You won’t be encouraged to invest in multiple territories like our competitors that justify these restrictions. We help you save on your financial investment of buying multiple territories; instead we provide you with the ability to make a decent income and conquer the world with your business acumen and hard work.


Top ROI Potential

Return on investment (ROI) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency or profitability of an investment. With our 3 significant revenue streams plus the option to add 2 more, our franchisees have the potential to earn significant revenues, as your physical territories for marketing and business development won’t be limited, giving you top ROI earning potential. We will encourage you to dream big, have bigger vision and support you to achieve significant success.


Brand Recognition

Our global presence has started in USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, INDIA and MIDDLE EAST (Dubai). Our logo, brand colors, company name and emerging brand is gaining recognition globally. We are known for our new take, on franchising and business solutions, providing our franchisees with the global presence they desire. We are investing heavily in our in-house large team for social media, digital marketing as well as through other avenues such as franchise expos, professional networking and other organizations. We have ambitious growth plans to continue until we are a truly global franchise.


Global Income Outlook

We currently have our own corporate presence in 5 countries and plan to expand that global footprint significantly in the next few years. As our franchisee, you can be doing business in several countries through our co-brokering built-in system. For example, you have a client in USA or Canada who wants to buy in Australia. Your client likes a listing from another AN GLOBAL franchisee in Australia, you now have the ability to complete the deal sitting where you are while creating a global advantage to financial profit for you and help your client. We help clients to buy or sell businesses in over 15 countries. In addition, we offer more than 500 franchise opportunities across the globe.

Franchisee Training & Support

It’s not surprising that 95% of what franchisees learn in new Franchisee Certification Training they forget within 72 hours. Our personalized 5-day training is practical. One of the members of our Franchisee team will come to your city and office for 2 days to help you get started, understand your competition and work on a personalized game plan for your business. Your success is our success.


Dynamic Management

We have a very experienced and dynamic team with proven success. Not being too big allows us to be flexible, adapt to changes quicker, and give personalized attention to help each of our franchisees. Our global growth plan is realistic and we are very confident of success all around.


Multiple Revenue Streams

Our amazing backend franchisee support team will help you achieve significant revenue without having to invest a lot of time and money for technical excellence. With AN Global, you will access Business Advisors, Business Brokerage, Franchise Sales & Development, Growth & Turnaround, Entrepreneur Training and Investment Based Migration as revenue streams to make money. With our five potential revenue streams, you will have a great opportunity for growth and prosperity.

No Experience Required

We will train you. We ask you to bring a drive for success, reasonable intelligence and some financial literacy in order to understand financial statements such as profit & loss. Do you have a desire to learn, have good communications skills, and some management skills PLUS the willingness to overcome any lack of skills in pursuit of your personal financial success? We help local individuals, entrepreneurs, small and medium sized businesses. We are a great fit for each other. 


Low Cost Investment

Our franchise opportunity has a very limited cost in relation to the revenue potential. You are not required to invest in huge offices, significant inventory, and large staffing costs. Our cost of entry is extremely low and the fixed overheads are extremely small in relation to the income producing potential. Our setup franchise fee is low with very little overhead which usually fixed costs are generally very high in comparison to other franchise opportunities.


Proprietary CRM "DALAN"

We have invested significantly in our proprietary CRM Dalan and are continuously improving it. It will help you improve your communication, control, reporting, marketing and other areas of running your franchise.

Marketing Support

We will support you with marketing collateral, help you develop your personal brand in the local community and guide you in every way. You can also benefit significantly from our special “Social Media Team” which can promote you and your franchise operations as an additional service, should you require it.


Comprehensive Operation Manuals

Yes, you will be provided with detailed operational manuals and training to become an up-and-coming business and “AN GLOBAL FRANCHISEE”.