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With 30+ years of experience in Consulting, we specialize in buying, selling, and growing businesses.


We advise small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.


We represent 400+ Franchise opportunities. Also offer Franchise Development.


We help buy and sell Businesses, and Mergers and Acquisitions, in 15 countries.


We hold brokerage licenses in key regions, progressing towards real estate franchising.


We assist individuals obtain Visas through investment, in US, Canada and Australia.

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AN Global Consulting

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We have been providing customized solutions to small and medium businesses across the globe since 1993. “AN Global Consulting” is the brand, under which the member firms of AN Global Group Holdings Limited, a Texas Corporation, operate in 10 countries. With  Head Office in Texas US, we have fully owned subsidiaries in Canada, Australia, UK, India, Dubai and Mexico.  We have chosen to grow both organically, through a franchise model, and mergers and acquisitions.

If you wish to buy, sell or grow  your business or franchise in over 15 countries, we are happy to help.

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Avinash Nichkawde

Founder & Group CEO

Richard Gadberry


Monica Biscoveanu

CAO, AN Global


Whats our customer saying about us

My name is Bale Afariogun Aliu, Head of Afariogun family in Lagos, Nigeria.
I am delighted to associates with AN GLOBAL CONSULTING. I came to know the company through my friend, the CEO of AN GLOBAL AFRICA, Nwali Tochukwu. Very transparent and trustee company. I am already part of the AN GLOBAL. And urge good of Lagos State, Nigeria and rest of African countries to invest and do business with ANGLOBAL. I and my Queen are already part of the it. Thank You.

Bale Afariogun Aliu
Head of Afariogun Family

Customer support is excellent and documentation good – novice can easily understand. Although I had a problem with the performance, thanks to the customer support, we have solved this problem as well.

Charcoal Burgers
Founder & Group CEO
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AN Global Consulting

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