Our Head office is based in Dallas, Texas. Our Global presence has started in USA, Canada, Australia, India, Dubai and Bangladesh. With 20+ offices in 10 countries and a corporate presence in 10 countries, we will continue our growth plans for 2023 until we have a true global presence.

Multiple revenue streams are important in any franchise. We’ve designed our business model around longevity by creating multiple streams of revenue-based services for our franchisees to sell and assist small and medium sized businesses. By combining business sales and consulting services it provides our franchisees with multiple revenue streams.

Business Brokerage:

  1. Business Sales – Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  2.  Franchise Sales & Development

Consulting Services & Business Solutions:

  1. Growth & Turnaround – Click here

Additional sources of income:

  1. Entrepreneurial Training & Workshops
  2. Investment Based Migration

You receive professional services including:

24/7 Franchisee support

Top ROI potential

Global income outlook

Brand recognition

Dynamic management

No Territory Restrictions

Established Industry, Huge Scope

Multiple Revenue streams

Local Operation with Global Income Potential

Best Franchisee Support

Personalized Comprehensive Training

And more

We even design and handle your personalized website and social media accounts for you!

If you’re interested in becoming AN Global Business Advisor contact our experts and we will guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about opening AN Global Business Franchise of your own.

Franchisee Training & Support

It’s not surprising that 95% of what new franchisees learn they forget within 72 hours. Our personalized 5-day training is practical. One of the members of our Franchisee team will come to your city and office for 2 days to help you get started, understand your competition and work on a personalized game plan for your business. Your success is our success.

Our Franchise receive training & ongoing support:


  • Our personalized 3-Day Training for Franchise Owners & Agents
  • Our personalized 2-Day extra training for our Franchise Owners
  • Complete proprietary CRM training
  • Comprehensive Operation Manuals
  • Access to over 100+ Entrepreneur training courses, variety of workshops and seminars available
  • Virtual online training & support


  • Ongoing and complete backend support
  • Tech support for launching
  • Social media and digital marketing support
  • Virtual assistance – manage workload & customer support
  • Technology support– Proprietary CRM, custom websites, landing pages, and more
  • Marketing support – Designing, printing, digital marketing, and social media services
  • Franchise consulting support
  • Growth and turnaround support

Our philosophy is empowering our franchisee’s fully to achieve their true entrepreneur potential without being limited by “physical territory restrictions” for marketing & advertising their services. You won’t be encouraged to invest in multiple territories like our competitors that justify these restrictions. We help you save on your financial investment of buying multiple territories; instead we provide you the ability to make a decent income, conquer the world with your business acumen and hard work.

Our Proprietary CRM “DALAN” is our Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

We have invested significantly and are continuously improving it. It will help you improve your communication, control, reporting, marketing and other areas of running your franchise.

Yes. Our franchise opportunity has a very limited cost in relation to the revenue potential. You are not required to invest in huge offices, significant inventory, and large staffing costs. Our cost of entry is extremely low and the fixed overheads are extremely small in relation to the income producing potential. Our setup franchise fee is low with very little overhead which usually fixed costs are generally very high in comparison to other franchise opportunities.

As our franchisee, you can do business remotely in several countries through our co-brokering built-in system. For example, you have a client in USA or Canada who wants to buy in Australia. Your client likes a listing from another AN GLOBAL franchisee in Australia, you now have the ability to complete the deal sitting where you are while creating a global advantage, financial profit for you and help your client. We help clients to buy or sell businesses in over 15 countries. In addition, we offer more than 500 franchise opportunities across the globe.

Here are the steps to become one of our cherished AN Global Franchisees:

Step 1: Complete the request inform from here.

Step 2: Talk to one of our AN Business Advisors. Meet or have a zoom interview to see if it’s a mutual fit.

Step 3: Complete your personal, professional and broad financial profile.

Step 4: Once it’s a mutual fit we will provide you with our FDD – Franchise Disclosure Document. You must take 14 days to review before signing it back.

Step 5: We will meet and discuss our executive team (in person or over zoom).

Step 6: Congratulations! You are now a Franchise Owner, AN Global Business Brokerage and Consulting Franchise. Have a team of AN Global business Advisors ready to deliver a prosperous tomorrow.