Investment-based Migration

EB-5 : Direct Equity


In this model we work with you on your business idea to make it suitable for EB5 interms of satisfying key terms such as minimum investment amount and Job creation. We help you with due diligence, Eb5 specific business plan, local directorship and can project manage the entire project while working with other specialist professionals. Min investment required is USD $500k (TEA) and is linked to creation on 10 new jobs.

EB-5 : R.C. Equity Model


 R C (Regional Center) MODEL in USA offers to those Eb5 investors who do not wish to actually run the business or take on the creation of Jobs.  99% of RC'S offer "LOAN MODEL" with very little returns & where "Capital INVESTMENT VALUE" goes down with CPI.  Our associates in India & Australia can educate & inform you of the various options for you on "EQUITY MODEL" with scope for greater returns & capital appreciation 

PNP: Canada - Direct Equity


  Canada has a specialist pathway for "Entrepreneurs" which is run by each province, each with their own criterion. We consult with you on "Business aspect' of your proposal including  business plan. The investment required is significantly lower compared to USA but the process can be long. The process includes (a) Expression of Interest (b) Detailed Submission (C) Interview & (D) Performance Agreement with province.

Australia - Direct Equity


  Australia has various options for Entrepreneurs who want to make Australia home. While we work with top immigration attorneys on immigration issues, we  work with you in terms of "Business Proposal", due diligence, local representations, business plans and other related issues. We have very strong local knowledge and team which can help you in every aspect of your business.

Grenada : Combo Solution


   Grenada is a country which offers citizenship within 3 months and with its treaty with USA one can be in USA in 6 MONTHS. You can avail combo offer to be eligible to get Greencard for the whole family while owing 70%-90% US Corporation. Top international immigration attorneys will represent you and your investments are taken care of my licensed securities broker dealers. Its a very good option for those who don't want to wait years of wait time for EB5. 

Grenada : E2


For those who are not nationals of countries which have E2 treaty with USA, Grenada offers an excellent pathway. For those who are eligible for E2 we can help you start business in USA. From structure, company formation, due diligence, business plans, local representation including office space and Directorships. We can provide you with complete strategic planning and help you in execution with our extensive entrepreneurship experience and local advisory teams.