Startup services :  Vision and Business Model, Planning & Strategy, Valuation, Game Plan 

Growth & turnaround :  Financial Goal Setting, Business Plan, Periodic Review & Progress 

Funding solutions :  Cash Flow Modeling, Strategy & Documentation, Funds Procurement 

Marketing solutions :  Marketing Goals & Strategy, Time Line, Budget & Action Plan, Collateral. 

Global expansion : Strategy, Due Diligence, Local Representation, Finance Planning.      


PREPARE :  Complimentary 30 min interview to get to know you, your business & to determine whether we can be a good fit for each other, and how we can move forward. 

ASSESS :  We will assess your business as it stands today in all the core areas. 

STRATEGIZE :  Prepare a business plan with defined goals, objectives, timeline & budget. 

PERIODIC REVIEW :  We meet to review & analyze document actual vs planned business performance. 

PROGRESS:  We help you make changes to the strategic business plan on an ongoing basis.    


Cost & benefits Defined 

Min 6 months duration  

Requirements can be customized 

Hands on, practical and result oriented approach  

Experienced and Professional Global team 

Increase revenue, reduce expenses and greater business valuation 

Silver package (from $600 ++) Explore & improve your business model Prepare basic business plan Long & short term goals & action plans Competitor analysis Discuss pricing, marketing, cash flow, budgeting & marketing strategy Discuss operational efficiency Assistance in making decisions on real time basis (1 hour total per month) 45 minute face to face review of actual vs planned performance Update business model & goal setting 

Gold package (from $1250 ++) All of silver package, plus Comprehensive business plan Business involvement, hands-on approach Long & short term goals & action plans Weekly 1 hour face 2 face/phone meeting Active role in business development  

Platinum package (from $2500 ++) All of gold package, plus Acting CEO role for 10 hour per month  Weekly 2.5 hours face to face or phone meetings. Assistance in either funding solutions or global expansion Can consider equity involvement as full on commitment 

Customized package (from $5000 ++) All of platinum package, plus Active CEO/CFO role for 20 hrs per month  Weekly 5 hours face to face or phone meetings. Complete involvement in growth of business in every aspect Global business development Bring new opportunities & partnerships for business Equity participation based on performance